Amanda Holloway: Behind The March Cover

Amanda Holloway: Behind The March Cover

It was back in late August of last year that a simple, two-line email arrived in our inbox from Senior Photographer Amanda Holloway. It read (in part), I was wondering if you were looking for anything editorial or senior-related? I have a few ideas in mind Amanda had long been on our list of photographers to reach out to for a possible interview with and her timing was impeccable.

After a short series of emails, we lined Amanda up for the March 2014 cover and had her interview date on the books. To say that we were excited to have Amanda work gracing our cover is an understatement. But what the cover would evolve into was something none of us could predict. Shes simply one of the best in the industry, a class above the rest. Amanda works extremely hard and yet is very humble. Shes always interested in what’s best for the team rather than just her as an individual.

We sat down in mid-October for her interview and started the cover conversation. Often we select a previously shot, yet unpublished, image from our feature photographer. But this case was different. Amanda was in the process of finalizing her new studio space and was wanting to add to her editorial portfolio. We were looking for something strong yet feminine and complex yet still clear. It meant one thing- a new shoot had to take place. We spent the better part of a morning discussing concepts that the image should portray- mood, tone, feel, expression, message. In the end, we left it to Amanda to create her masterpiece. She truly did not disappoint.

In January, Amanda gathered her team in Houston for the multi-day shoot alongside a Hair/Makeup Artist and Cinematographer Ale Vidal of Imaginale Design. Meanwhile, the Denim+Grace team here in New Jersey was hard at work pulling some of the best in the senior niche market together to create our March 2014 Senior Issue.

Whats resulted is a first of its kind video for our industry and an amazing testimony to what passionate collaborations can achieve. A true behind the scenes look at the execution of our photo shoot concept by Amanda Holloway and her team through the design process and final product of a cover layout by our team here at Denim+Grace Magazine. For more, including the entire shoot pictorial and Amanda’s interview, pick up the March issue of Denim+Grace Magazine, on sale 3/1.