How to meet on dating sites

How to meet on dating sites

People often do not have time to find the right soulmate. Unlimited information resources and developed social sites for Internet communication will help here. To get acquainted on the Internet with gay singles or other categories that are available on sites for serious relationships, you should correctly approach the task.

Reasons to meet online

Modern life has a frantic rhythm, people want to relax, move away from the fuss for a while and dream. Why meet online:

  • No time to look for a soul mate or shyness.
  • Saving precious time.
  • Failed communication is perceived easier.
  • Around the clock acquaintance.
  • Choose from hundreds of profiles.
  • Automatic selection and screening.
  • The ability to communicate with 2-3 interlocutors.
  • A man to register on the site clearly defined the goal.
  • Having time to ponder the answers and make a calm choice.

We make a portrait of the chosen one

It is worthwhile to make a portrait of the man whom I would like to find in advance. The first is to note the mandatory qualities of a potential satellite, at least 5-6 characteristics. Also, what it should not be, a list of 3-5 characteristics.

Choosing a dating site

There are a great many of such sites, both Russian and foreign. Sites have been created with the search for a person living nearby or abroad. Trust is not for everyone. It is also worth finding the site that will give you a wide selection of categories. For example, if you are looking for lesbian singles, then you should initially look for a site where there are such options.

Types of dating sites:

  • Serious relationship, sites are often paid.
  • Entertainment, short communication.

Tips for a quick search for a gentleman: register on 3-4 sites, compose an intriguing portfolio, insert at least three photos, do not give your own e-mail and phone number, do not delay the correspondence, 2-3 weeks will be enough before making an appointment.

How not to fall into the trap

  1. Choose the right site for a serious relationship. These sites are labeled: “For a serious relationship.”
  2. Having carried away, do not forget that you can not disclose personal data.
  3. The attacker puts one photo, does not answer questions and does not talk about himself. On a date, may not come.
  4. Choosing a site, you should get acquainted with the rating, read reviews. Also get acquainted with the specifics of the site.
  5. Decide on the choice of a paid or free service.

How to create the right profile

Profile, or profile, is a description of a personal portrait, character, interests and other issues, with 1-3 original photographs or more. Online tutorials will help you fill out a dating profile. Carefully fill out, describing only the positive aspects, interests and hobbies. It is advisable to update messages, talk about the changes that have taken place in life.

How to interest an interlocutor

  • We intrigue: omission, omissions or ambiguous hints.
  • Psychological associations. First we ask questions related to the happy moments of his life, gradually causing a pleasant association associated with himself.
  • We flirt with words, gestures, facial expressions, looks, we try to interest.
  • Do not impose.
  • We cause emotions, only in this way the interlocutor will remember you for a long time.

We start correspondence

It’s okay if a woman starts dating first, without waiting for a call. The likelihood of a successful acquaintance increases by 70%. It does not matter if the selected man does not respond, there are many others. So it’s normal if the initiative is 50 to 50.

In correspondence, you should use only original questions that will cause interest in the chosen one. This means, we ask “not in the forehead”, but with a hint, relying on his hobbies. In personal data, it is advisable to add something about yourself that attracts the attention of men. Correspondence takes no more than a month: some people advise going on a date in 1-2 days, others in 3-4 weeks. This is a personal choice.