The main causes of erectile dysfunction

The main causes of erectile dysfunction

Before talking about the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to define the concept of this disease. Dysfunction is a dysfunction, but not their complete absence. With impotence, the male sexual organ is unable to get an erection, under any circumstances or factors contributing to it.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

The male reproductive organ is designed to perform sexual intercourse and deliver sperm to the female reproductive organs for the purpose of fertilization. It happens due to the phenomenon of the male body, which is able to cause an erection under certain conditions. This causes the penis body to fill with blood until it hardens and increases the size of the penis. The mechanism of this process is as follows. The penis has two cavernous bodies and one spongy body that ends in the glans. The cavernous bodies consist of so-called lacunae which, together with the glans, fill with blood when aroused. This occurs due to a sharp dilation of the arteries that bring blood to the organ and simultaneous narrowing of the veins responsible for its outflow. The lacunae fill up and swell. The penis becomes hard and remains so until ejaculation, which occurs at the end of intercourse.

If the penis does not get hard enough to start intercourse, loses hardness in the process or right before coitus, it is a symptom of erectile dysfunction and there can be many reasons for this, the main ones being organic problems. Male insufficiency can be a consequence of penile or spinal trauma, pelvic organ surgery undergone or prolonged medication treatment. The problem of inadequate erections can develop against a background of kidney and urinary system disease. Almost half of all patients with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction, sometimes turning into impotence. In the risk group are men who have diseases of the endocrine system, constantly taking hormones. And since an erection is directly related to the work of the circulatory system, its ill health can affect the male functions of the body. Smokers, alcohol drinkers and drug addicts very often face sexual impotence.

Another group of problems that contribute to the development of erectile dysfunction include psychological problems. Men, without noticing it themselves, live in constant stress and chronic depression. Once the manifestation of impotence can then develop in a man the strongest fear of repeating it. If you want to find effective drugs for erectile dysfunction, you can go to