What beach bag you have to choose in 2020

What beach bag you have to choose in 2020

A woman with no bag, like no hands. Every girl, no matter how old or how big her purse or clear backpack is, will fit a lot of useful things: from a first aid kit, cosmetics and a pair of spare underwear, to a book, screwdriver and lunchbox.

Therefore, the choice of beach bags should be approached with great care. After all, in addition to the usual things, it should accommodate everything you might need on the beach vacation. In this case, it should look attractive enough that it was not ashamed to go out with it!

How to Choose a Beach Bag 

There are basic rules that should be followed when choosing a bag to the beach: 

  • The material of the bag should be waterproof, durable and at the same time lightweight. 
  • The bag should be not only beautiful, but also functional. When choosing a bag, pay attention to the number of pockets: the more, the better. Small things such as hair elastic bands, lip balm, money for lemonade (do not carry the whole wallet with you) and others, much easier to find when they lie in the pockets, rather than hanging with the rest of the contents in the main department.
  • The beach bag should match your style: pay attention to the shades, similar or contrasting colors of your swimsuit, pareo or hat. 
  • One of the main parameters of a beach bag is its capacity. Choose the size of the bag based on the basic minimum, which is usually put in the bag, for a trip to the beach. It should accommodate: bedding, towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, healthy snacks (e.g. fruit, nuts and water), swimsuit, pareo and first aid kit.

Beach Bag 2020: Key Trends 

  • Straw bag in the form of a circle or semicircle. One of the main beach trends of this summer. Plus, a round handbag will not only look appropriate on the beach. With it you can go for a hike or fruit and souvenir shopping at the local market. With it you can go for a hike or fruit and souvenir shopping at the local market.
  • Handbag made of transparent plastic. First, it’s convenient. The bag made of plastic is very durable. And waterproof, which is important for hiking on the beach. It is easy to clean from sticky sand, it is in perfect harmony with fashion trends for swimwear in 2020. If you are a fan of discreet minimalism, a bag made of transparent plastic is a great choice.
  • The bag is made of wooden beads. Large or small, colored or natural shades, this year wooden beads are in fashion for beach bags. The bag made of wooden beads turns out strong, stylish and that will surely be appreciated by those who with a special trembling attitude to the purity of the environment, made of natural materials.
  • Woven bags. Beach wicker bags are in the trend for the summer 2020. They are lightweight, roomy and give the beach a little carelessness. You can buy them in shops or weave them yourself. However, they have one disadvantage: such bags are suitable only for large things, small ones can get lost due to large weaving. But if you are a fan of rest “lightweight”, and the rug, towel and cream to carry in your hands is not desirable, such a bag will be for you faithful beach companion.
  • Bag with embroidery. The embroidered bag does not lose its relevance. The trend is floral motifs (with an ethnic bias) and maritime themes.

Beach bags in the summer of 2020 are also decorated with colorful tassels, pompoms and neck scarves. This will add playfulness, spice and, most importantly, completeness to your beach image. So if you want to find the perfect beach bag, there are many interesting options to choose from. So you can just check some accessible option and choose something that will be really good for you and for your lifestyle.